New Years/ Last Semester of Undergrad Resolutions

New year, new semester, same me!

2017: The is the year I finish my undergrad education and start my law school journey. I haven’t really made a New Years Resolutions List in a few years but I thought it might be helpful for me to do one this year. Will I actually stick to this? Stay tuned! By jotting these down on this blog, I’ll be likely to follow through. Maybe some of these things will benefit me in my future life endeavors and law school.  Here is my 2017 resolution list:

*Note: All of these are not applicable to everyone since some are more personal

  1. Work on saying “like” less in sentences!
  2. Use my phone less – Try to read instead or do more productive things
  3. Try to limit social media use to one full hour/day – less constant checking
  4. Read more books – Class books, pleasure books, textbooks I still have in my room. Whatever!
  5. Reduce my sugar intake
  6. Exercise more – go to the gym at least once/week
  7. Walk more – try to walk to class more when the weather is decent
  8. Listen to podcasts more
  9. Grow in faith – Read the bible more and listen to Christian music more often, watch more Christian shows/movies
  10. Work hard, study hard…One last 4.0 semester
  11. Less shopping, more saving
  12. Spend more time outdoors – nature trails and parks
  13. Drink more water
  14. Go to the farmer’s market every now and then
  15. Make more time to hang out with your friends
  16. Try to make a new recipe once a month
  17. HAVE FUN!!!

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