Countdown to Graduation

13 days….Where has the time gone?! I honestly cannot believe I graduate from undergrad in less than two weeks. It is insane how fast the time has flown past. I wouldn’t trade a second of it! These past three years have been some of the best years of my life and I have met some of my best friends while here. I have grown tremendously over these few years in so many ways.  I’m really going to miss this place when I leave!

I just realized that I have yet to pick out a design for my cap…what have I been doing?! I need to get on it because it took me a decent while to decorate my high school cap. Plus, I need to get supplies and work on it in between studying for exams and writing papers….AHHHHHH! Existential crisis mode major here!

Goodbyes are hard…much harder than I was expecting it to be. Every time I see friends around campus now, I know it will probably be the last time I ever see them. Aside from my close friends, I likely will only remain in contact with people through social media. I’m moving to a new state for law school so my chances of seeing people that aren’t my close friends are slim to none. It’s just crazy to think that people that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing these past three years won’t be around for me to hang out with. Also, I’ve lived with my roommates for the past two years and basically have seen them every day since we moved into the apartment. It’s definitely going to be so weird adjusting to not living with them.

On top of that it is exam season and things are really starting to get busy around here. Last time studying for undergrad exams and writing these papers. I’m going to wish for this when I’m cramming for law school exams in the near future hahah.  That’s all for now folks!


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