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Lessons Learned: End of Undergrad

How is it possible that I graduate in 7 days? It feels like I just started my college career. I definitely feel like these three years that I have spent at university have flown by way faster than my 4 years of high school. Part of me wishes that I hadn’t finished early, but at the same time I cannot imagine still having one more year here. In my time here I definitely accomplished a lot. I am getting a dual degree in Political Science and Sustainability Studies with a certificate in International Relations. So I was definitely busy during my time here haha. The purpose of this post is just to post about the things I have learned in my last few weeks of undergrad – it’ll be nice to go back to this post in a few years and reflect on my past self.

Time flies by way too fast! I feel like I just came college. I literally can vividly remember my parents moving me into my freshman year dorm. I was so excited to get here and move in. I picked my bed and set up my side of the room, met my two roommates and unpacked my stuff. As the reality that I would not be going back home with my parents and that I would be left here on my own to start my “adult” life set in, mixed with the fact that there were NINE people in our small, triple dorm room while moving in and there was basically zero space to move around with our stuff everywhere, I had a panic attack and had to go out into the hallway to try and make sense of it all and calm myself down. I remember standing at the crosswalk crying with my mom as they walked back to the car to head back home. I can also remember going to the dining hall with my roommates and being so excited that we were in college and school was about to start the following week.  I remember going to my first party with my roommates and some new friends a couple days after moving in and being nervous because I had no idea what to expect! What a time to be alive!!! Fast forward three years and I am looking back on all these memories over these few years that seem like they happened just yesterday.

Pictures really do say a thousand words! I have looked through all my photo albums on my computer so many times in the past few weeks. I am so appreciative of my past self for taking so many pictures at everything. It is really nice to be able to reflect on all the good times that I have had and all the memories I have been able to make here. I have realized that I made the right decision to attend this university, so now I feel more confident that I made the right choice for law school as well.

Crying tears of joy, sadness, stress, and probably everything else! I’ve cried so many times recently. I cannot help it, it makes me sad thinking about all the friends I’m leaving behind because most of them going to be here for one more year. Not to mention, I am moving to another state where I literally know no one and will start law school off with absolutely no friends in the area. It doesn’t help that I’ve had no sleep because of finals but I can rest up in three days after I finish my exams. I don’t know when I will get to see everyone again because realistically we are going to be busy and in different places doing different things so things are never going to be the same and it’s kind of scary to think about.  Not to mention, I am used to my routine here and it has become my home.

Doing everything for the last time! I’ve found myself thinking about everything that I am doing and realizing that it will be the last time that I get to do it. Going to class for the last time. Going to my internship for the last time. Going to the library for the last time. Seeing people for the last time (because let’s be real, there are some people that you are semi-friends with that you will never see again besides on social media and it’s weird to think about). Just trying to make the most of the time I have left here though.

So many first times! I have definitely grown so much during my time here. I honestly have done so many things for the first time since I’ve been here. First time living away from home. First time going on road trips with friends. First time going to a college party. First time tailgating. First time living in an apartment. First time paying rent. First time having a job. First time running a 5K. First time going to clubs/bars. First time having an internship. First time being truly independent and responsible for myself.

Overall, this has been one phenomenal experience and I look forward to the next three years! As I write this post at 2:26AM in the library, I realized that if there is one thing I have learned while here, it is that you don’t remember the nights that you didn’t get any sleep because you were studying or writing papers in the library! I know that I have spent probably a couple weeks worth of time total in the library during my three years here but those are not the nights that I remember. #motivation to get me through the next three days of finals!


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