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16 Weeks Until Law School

My first week of summer is already over! I’ve done a decent amount of stuff this week though so it was not wasted. I took five years of Spanish before I got to college but I have not been practicing it so I’ve lost a lot of knowledge. So, this week I started using Duolingo (an awesome, free online website that helps you learn/practice various languages) to improve my Spanish. Each day this week, I have done about an hour of practice and learning. I plan on doing this throughout the summer while I still have the time because you never know when these skills will come in handy in the future.

Another one of my summer goals was to get lots of leisure reading done this summer because that will not be an option come fall. This week I reread Looking for Alaska by John Green and started Identical by Scott Turow. I went to the local public library to pick up some books to read that were more related to the legal field including Identical and Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow and Anonymous Lawyer by Jeremy Blachman. My goal is to finish at least one book a week this summer because as I start working and having more things to do, I’ll have less time to sit around and read.

In between unpacking all of my things that I brought home when I moved out of my college apartment, I have been doing a ton of Netflix watching. Based on all my research of things to do the summer before starting law school, there seemed to be a consensus that watching The Paper Chase was a must. Count that officially done! It was a pretty good movie in my opinion. Also, I started watching the TV show Quantico on Netflix and I am severely hooked! This is definitely my favorite show that I have watched recently. 10/10 would for sure recommend.



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