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Admitted Student Day: Law School

So this post is long overdue , considering I attended the Admitted Law Student Day for my school back in March! At the time I was obviously still in school so I was rather busy and did not make the time to sit down and write about the experience. I feel like it might be helpful to some people in the future so better late than never, right?

The Admitted Student Day (ASD) at my school  was only one day from 8:30am-5:30pm…aka an extremely long day filled with mingling, food, and tons of information. Since the law school that I am attending is in a different state, my mom came with me. Plus, it was nice having her around to tour apartments with me the following day. We flew in the night before the ASD and stayed at a hotel that was 15 or so minutes from the school. In the morning we woke up and drove to the school. It was a rough start to the morning though because the parking was kind of confusing.  Long story short, we somehow parked in the section of the garage for students and then had to ask for directions to get to the right garage (which turns out is the SAME garage, you just have to enter from the other side). By the time we did all of this, we were late! Well, not exactly late since the check in time was from 8:45-9:15 but still not as early as I would have liked.

With the parking situation figured out, we headed over to the law school – which, luckily, was easy to find considering I was already stressed out about the parking fiasco. I checked in at the welcome table and was handed a bag full of information and free goodies. Next to this table was the breakfast table. My mom and I grabbed some fruit and then walked into the adjacent room to wait for the welcome remarks from the Dean.

For the most part, most of the students came alone and did not bring anyone with them to the ASD. They had us go around the room and introduce ourselves and say where we went/currently were attending undergrad. The majority of the students that attended undergrad at the same university as the law school came alone – which makes sense because it was on a Friday so no point in your parents/spouse/etc. taking off work to go with you. I mention this because I was wondering if I would be the only person with a parent, but I wasn’t. Some people even brought both of their parents! Other people came with a spouse, significant other, or a friend. When they made us introduce ourselves, it was interesting to see how many people had been working for 5-10+ years and then decided to return to school.

After this they broke us off into mini groups to give us tours of the law school. As this was my first time at the school, I was glad they included this on the schedule. With the tours, we were able to ask whatever questions we had or thought of as they showed us around. The next portion of the day consisted of various administrative staff and professors telling us about the programs and services the law school has to offer.

Next was lunch! Yay for more free food. Lunch was catered by a local barbeque place and was delicious. At each table they placed a professor and a couple current students.  During the hour we chatted with them and asked questions about life in law school, things they were involved in, tips they wished to share, etc. It’s a lot less intimidating to ask your questions in these settings

Following lunch there was a mock class. Since the group was kind of large, they split us into two groups for our hour long class. Earlier that week, we had been emailed reading that was to be completed before the mock class. The professor had a list of all of our names and wasted no time introducing us to the Socratic method. I was literally so nervous! After the first 15 minutes, it wasn’t terrible. Definitely a good wake up call as to what to expect for law school. Once the mock classes were over they told us more about student services and ended with a student panel where current students shared their experiences with us.

The last thing on the agenda was a student and alumni reception at the stadium. This was our last opportunity to ask questions that we had thought of throughout the course of the day. I even ended up meeting a 1L who attended the same university as me for undergrad! Overall, it was a great day. I would highly recommend going to the ASD, if you can.

In case you are wondering what to wear (because I was literally googling this before I went up there) here is some information about that. The weather was in the 50s that day so I wore a pink, knitted sweater, skinny jeans, black booties, and a black jacket. For my bag, I carried a medium-sized tan purse. This was a good outfit for the day. There was one guy who wore a full suit, but for the most part everyone was wearing jeans and a sweater/nice shirt.

Hopefully this will be helpful!


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